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I'm a 500-E-RYT with a background in fitness training and gymnastics.  I believe fitness is a lifelong journey and every step of the way is equally important.  I taught my first fitness class at the age of 18 and have been studying and growing ever since.   I started on my "serious" yoga path in 1998, working with my teacher at TriYoga in Primrose Hill, London.    In the United States, I  earned my 200-RYT with Juluka Yoga in NJ and my 300-RYT at Laughing Lotus in NYC.  Through continuing education, I've earned an additional 150 hours of advanced training, as well as 105 hours specifically for Pre-/Post-Natal Yoga (85-hours through Sonic Yoga, NYC.)   Additionally, I hold certifications in Spin, BodyPump, Barre, Antigravity Fitness & Yoga, and personal training.  This well-rounded approach has allowed for a good understanding of body mechanics, levels of ability and comfort and realistic goal-setting and aspirations while avoiding injury.  For the past eight years, I've chosen to concentrate solely on yoga - no more pounding my joints or yelling at the top of my lungs!  Longevity encompasses not only the body, but the mind, breath and spirit as well.  If you love something and it brings you joy, you're more apt to do it willingly and consistently.  No judgment.  No pressure.  No finish line.  All classes are as challenging (or relaxing) as you choose them to be, as the real teacher is within you.  Follow the cues of your body, set yourself free and most importantly, HAVE FUN!  Welcome to LauraCresciYoga! 



Laura Cresci Yoga Video On Demand

Laura Cresci Yoga Video On Demand



"I have taken yoga classes with countless instructors and can honestly say I have never met any other instructor who cues as clearly as Laura.  I can literally close my eyes and still follow along as if I'm in a private class." 

        -  Sheila V. , Demarest NJ

"Laura Cresci is both inspiring and innovative.  She taught me body awareness, mindfulness and self-reflection every time I participated in her class.  Her optimism, coaching and  overall encouragement have brought not only a love for yoga, but a renewed perspective on life's stressors, and overall faith in the goodness of others."     

          -  Stacey C., Midland Park NJ

"I thought yoga was just about bending down to touch my toes.  Now, because of Laura, my foot goes behind my head!  Laura pushes you without being demanding.  She creates a flow that is both manageable and challenging.  Her guidance helps you achieve goals and poses you never knew you could.  And she knows how to make you feel successful even if you stay in child's pose the whole class.  I take her class whenever I can and always leave feeling like I truly accomplished something amazing!"                                                                                         - Emily S. , River Edge NJ

"Her classes are taught to embrace all levels of yoga practitioners.  Laura's energy is contagious; she loves the art of yoga, cares about her students and meets each student where they are in their practice.  The one-hour journey she delivers is always well-organized, powerful and meaningful."                                     -  Maria L. , Cresskill NJ

"I jump out of bed when Laura is teaching class.  For me it's not only the best stretch, power, and flow experience out there, it's also a time for me to close my eyes, listen to her always-perfect playlist, and feel. "

             -  Wendy C.,  NYC

"Laura always finds a way to connect with her students and personalize the experience.  She gives wonderful and meaningful meditations at the start of class.  When we switched to Zoom classes in March, Laura was there to motivate us, even through our computer screens!" 
              -   Eryn K. , Tenafly NJ 

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